Hi, I am dee blu.  
I am in Alabama.  Welcome to my home pages.  
A few pictures of my family and also chat friends from the internet
 Pages 2, 3, & 4, contains pictures of my chat friends.  
Please visit my chat friends and let them know what you think of their home pages
Our humble abode
Richard, Sharlene, Sheila, Shawn, Shae, Shelby
Dee & Hubby 1994
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Song: Blue Velvet
A family bash, Mar. 99
Dee, Sheila, hubby Jmes, Sharlene is seated, Shawn, Shae, and Shelby
 Sharlene and SheilaEaster 1999
Biloxi Mississippi
Chat Meet 1999
Biloxi Mississippi
Chat Meet 2001
Nashville, Tennessee 
Chat Meet 2000 
Daytona Beach Chat Meet 2001
Daytona Beach Chat Meet 2002
 Shawn is helping Lacie unlock the door!!!
(Lacie is our great grand-daughter)
Sheila with Lacie at the daycare!!!
Mardi Gras 2002 at Garnett's
Biloxi Mississippi
Chat Meet 2002
 Dee & Hubby
2002 - But no mustache now!
Sheila and Kyle
February 16, 2009
I'm going to help spoil this one
Allisons Heart\
Sheila, James, Dee, Sharlene
Jan. 1, 2003
Biloxi Mississippi
Chat Meet 2003
Chat Luncheon Sat.
Jan 24,2004
Montgomery, Alabama
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I am Mawmaw Dee
to this great grand.
Valentine's Day 2004
 Dee & Hubby
Easter 2004

Biloxi, Mississippi
Chat Meet 2004
Sharlene, Darius, & Alex
August 14, 2004
Hurricane Ivan
September 16, 2004
Biloxi, Mississippi
Chat Meet 2005

Dee and James
March 18, 2006
James' 75th Birthday
Family at PawPaw's 75th Birthday at the Stage Coach Restaurant
March 18, 2006
Back: Dwayne, James, Shae, Richard
Front: Dee with Alex, Shelby, Sheila, Sharlene, Darius
Missing is Shawn and Lacie
Friends who joined us for the birthday
Dee, James, Rabon, Myrtle, Geraldine, Aubry, Ray and Pat
Family Pictures

San Antonio 
Chat Meet 2006
This website was created March 2000, by my good friend Coachken, with Dowa's help.  Had it not been for his expertise and their wanting to surprise me, I would not have the nice website that I now have.  I try to maintain the site now but I truly appreciate what Ken and Dowa did.
Vicksburg, Miss
Chatmeet 2006
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Shelby before going to Prom
Saturday, March 17, 2007
Presented his date with Rose
Shawn, back
Shae, Shelby (L-R)
April 6, 2007
Dee and James
April 6, 2007
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Shawn - 2006
Shae - 2007
Shelby - 2008
Happy Valentine Gift
from Scorp - 2008
Sharlene - 2000
Sheila - 2003
Biloxi, Mississippi
Reunion 2008
Dee's Uncle Joe & Aunt Betty
Joe will be 100 March 09
Betty will be 82 February 09
Sheila, our Air Force Girl
Stationed at Air Force Academy,
Colorado Springs, CO
Sept 2007
The Five Grands Below arechildren of our deceased son, Randy.
Their ages at time of his death was L-R: 10, 8, 4, 3, & 2
Dwayne as a Teen
Dwayne & Richard
Thanksgiving 08
Biloxi, Mississippi
Chat Meet 2009
EHS Homecoming 2009
March 17, 1931 - May 5, 2010
James and Dee's last pictures 
taken on Easter Sunday
April 4, 2010
Sharlene said: 
"Pawpaw kiss Mawmaw"
and he obliged her 
My Wonderful Husband of
57 years
In Memory of
Randy Jordan.
Biloxi Chat Meet
Biloxi Chat Meet
Johnson Family Reunion, Sept 2011
Great Grands

Biloxi Chat Get Together - 2012
Taken August 24, 2012
Hot Springs, AR
Chat Meet 2013
Dee's 80th Birthday - 2014